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What does the status of my order mean?
Unhandled - the order is properly filed in, but we still haven’t taken care of its production. If fee of the order has already been paid, the status would change quickly. Realized /

In Production
- this status means that the order is properly made and we are in the process of its production (we are printing, preparing and packaging the product) Order- with this status your order should be sent by us within 48 hours.

Sent - status simply means that your order has already been sent with the Polish Post or courier, and is on the way. Additionally, you can come across with other status sets in specific situations, such as: Waiting for payment, Ready for shipment, Cancelled, Complained or Paused.
What forms of shipping do you offer?
In we offer 2 shipping forms:
- Polish Post - the package is sent through the Polish Post as registered and prior.
- Courier - parcel is sent via DPD courier.
How can I pay for my order?
Orders placed in CupSell can be paid in 3 ways:

Payment in advance - paying for orders in advance via a high-speed Internet payment or bank transfer. Payment in advance (both fast payments and transfers) is supported by the company PayPal.

Cash on delivery (download) - that is, pay for the order only upon delivery to the postman or courier.

Payment from earned funds is the payment option for Users with funds.
Where can I find account number, on which I make payment for my order?
Payments for all orders with "in advance" payment are supported by PayU.

If on the bank list PayU, there is not your bank, you will find account number to pay the order by selecting the option "bank transfer" which looks like payment form. Link to pay the order you will find in the email from CupSell, that is sent immediately after the order is placed.

Remember not to change the number of bank account, title or recipient. Changing this data would cause problem with recording Your payment and as a result delay fulfilment of Your order.
Can I change the payment form or delivery form after placing an order?
If the order is not in the stage of production yet, it is possible to change the form of payment and delivery by contacting us at
How much will it take to deliver a package by post or courier?
In the case of Polish Post it is from 2 to 4 working days from the day of shipping. Polish Post delivers packages from Monday to Saturday, except Holidays.

Package sent by courier is usually delivered within 24 hours from the time of dispatch. Courier delivers packages from Monday to Friday, except Holidays.
My order has not arrived yet. What can I do?
Unfortunately, it happens sometimes. Luckily, we can usually explain the problem of lost shipment quickly.

If the package was sent more than 5 days ago by Polish Post and has not arrived yet, we would encourage you to visit the nearest post office and inquire. It happens, that the postman may not find you at home and forget to leave confirmation of package, and it is waiting quietly at the post office.

If the package is sent more than two days ago by courier, please contact us at We will locate the shipment and explain the matter. The most common cause is a problem with contact with the courier, or absence from home.
Do you ship orders abroad?
Yes, we ship orders to the EU, USA and Canada via Polish Post. You can choose the country of delivery when placing order in your shopping cart.
How do you deal with complaints?
Respecting the complaints:

  • The customer is always right.
  • Even if by some miracle the customer is not right, then we believe that: see the first point.
  • T-shirts with printing errors are subject to the complaint.
  • To make complaints, the customer should write an e-mail with the order number and send it to:
  • In the e-mail, it must be clearly explained what the problem is, remembering that; see the first point.
  • Customer can attach pictures of defective T-shirts to the e-mail, so we can fix our mistakes and feel sorry for a while.
  • Within 4 days after the complaint, we are trying to deal with them in favor of our clients, because; see the first point.

Earning on CupSell

How to pay earned money?
Payment of earned funds looks different for companies and for individuals, without economic activity.

For companies
- For the payment it is enough to display invoice (alue added tax) for our company data, entitled "Advertising of" with a 14-day payment period and send it by email (in PDF format) or by post.
- The earned amount visible in the panel, it is the gross amount.

For individuals
- Prior to any payment, it is necessery to sign the contract of commission with To sign the contract and pay earned funds, send an e-mail to - User name in - Your personal details (name and address) - Personal Identity Number - Scan of ID card (two pages) - Bank Account Number.
- Based on these data we will prepare the contract of commission, which together with the bill will be sent by e-mail.
- Documents must be printed, signed and sent to our address, and after receiving the documents within 14 days, we will do payment transfer.
What is the minimum payment?
The minimum amount for payment of earned commission is 200 PLN.
What if I did not add up 200 PLN and I would like to pay earned money?
For customers, who do not have collected required to pay threshold of 200 PLN yet, we have the ability to pay for your order with balance.
Can I instead of payment, pay by earned money my own order in CupSell?
Yes, only if you have sufficient funds in your account, while placing an order (in the shopping cart) will appear as one of the payment option „Your funds on".
Can I pay earned funds to a PayPal account?
We make the payment only by bank transfer to the bank account.
Do I have to pay tax from the paid amount?
From each earned amount, an appropriate tax must be paid. In, we pay all taxes on behalf of our members, and the amount of tax is always visible on the bill to the contract.
I do not have 18 years old. Can I earn on CupSell?
On CupSell people of all ages can make money! However, to make the payment in cash, it is necessary to complete 16 years.

Create products with your own print.

In what format upload graphics to print in the generator?
Product Generator supports graphics in JPG, GIF and PNG with a maximum weight of 10MB. With such a file are made prints on T-shirts and other products.
Is it possible to upload a file with transparency?
Generator supports transparency in PNG and GIF files. We encourage you to create designs with a transparent background.
Do you remove print’s background in color of t-shirt?
Yes. Each time before printing, background in color similar to the color of our product is removed. So there is no possibility that we printed eg. a black square on a black T-shirt.
What is the optimal size for graphic?
To make print properly, recommended by us absolute minimum, when it comes to graphics size is 500x500px. With the graphics of this size, we are able to make properly looking print on t-shirt.

Maximum file size does not exist, and the principle is: The bigger and better qualitative graphic is, the better it will look printed on a shirt, or other product.
What to do, in order to not violate the copyrights and not to expose ourselves to the trouble?
It's not that difficult, if you will follow a few tips:

  • Just because something is on the internet, does not mean that it is no one's.
  • If you did not do graphic or picture, you want to put on your T-shirt, you need permission from the author of this graphic or this image, to using it.
  • If you want to put a picture of your own authorship of other person, you need the consent of that person.
  • If you place a picture of someone famous, make sure that this person is shown in his/her profession, eg.: you can add a photo of singer, while he sings at a concert, BUT you can not put his picture in which she posed (unless, that you did it by yourself and it’s paid).
  • The same applies to all kinds of logos that are not yours, but are owned by the bands, teams, companies, or any institutions with logo - just think how Jared Leto would feel, if he knew that you stole his band logo …
  • Remember that everything is protected by copyright, even if there is no stamp ®, or is not registered as a trademark. Even without these elements, someone has rights to the images, logos or graphics.

If you break any of these rules, the legal consequences await you: in the best case, the graphics owner will want you to remove it from your shop, in the worse, he will demand the return of all the money you've earned for his work, and you'll have to pay him for the use of his work much, much more than you have earned. And all will be held in the not too pleasant circumstances, civil or criminal proceedings. Definitely not worth it!